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Hightower Clinical’s dermatology clinical trials aim to revolutionize skincare and dermatological treatments.

Dermatology Clinical Trials in Oklahoma City, OK

Join our dermatology studies and help us discover potential treatments for common skin conditions. Your participation could make a difference for you and countless others.

Atopic Dermatitis

Atopic Dermatitis, or eczema, can cause itchy, red patches of skin. To help you and your loved ones, expert dermatologists in Oklahoma and experienced research staff are conducting multiple phase 3 research studies aiming to evaluate the efficacy and safety of investigational drugs in single therapy and combination therapy treatment in children.

This research offers hope for those seeking new and potentially more effective treatments for eczema. Participating in a clinical trial can give you access to novel treatments before they become widely available.

Additionally, you’ll receive close monitoring and care from experienced healthcare professionals throughout the study.

*All study procedures and study-related treatment, including the investigational drug, are free of cost, and insurance is not required to participate.*

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Atopic Dermatitis

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