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For Patients

Patients matter. Everything we do stems from our belief that clinical trials should always consider the patient first.

About Clinical Studies Near You

Clinical research studies are conducted to test the safety and effectiveness of new treatments, medications or devices. Companies developing these medical innovations select various locations around the country to conduct this research. Hightower Clinical has been entrusted by numerous companies to conduct research studies with confidence. To find out about studies available near you, please visit our “studies” page.

Why Take Part?

There are many reasons to consider participating in a clinical trial. You can play a role in advancing medicine that could benefit millions of people. Clinical trials offer the chance to receive potentially innovative and effective therapies before they’re widely available. Additionally, trial participants typically receive close monitoring and regular check-ups from healthcare professionals, ensuring their well-being throughout the process.

Why Take Part

Patient Enrollment Process

Enrolling in clinical trials doesn’t have to be confusing or scary. We want to make the process simple, quick, and transparent.

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Phone Screening

Our quick phone screening helps determine if a clinical trial might be a good fit for you.

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Eligibility Check

This step involves a friendly conversation to learn more about your health history and confirm your eligibility for specific trials.

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Informed Consent Form

If you are eligible you will be given an Informed Consent Form that outlines every detail of the study and gives you the choice to participate or not.

We are open for Enrollment now!


Clinical studies can help you maintain a healthy heart and offer potential cardiovascular treatments.


Explore clinical trials for various skin concerns, promoting healthy and radiant skin.


Gastric issues are prevalent in the USA, discover clinical studies to help with your condition.


Cancer is a life-threatening condition; clinical trials can help you find potential treatments for this life-threatening disease.


Find relief from joint discomfort through progressive research at Hightower clinical research.

Pain Management

Discover effective strategies for alleviating chronic pain through Hightower's clinical research.


Explore novel methods for infant development with Hightower's advanced clinical investigations.


Asthma affects over 25 million Americans according to CDC. Explore our asthma clinical trials.


Are you suffering from chronic joint pain? Consider our rheumatology clinical trials for potential treatment.