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About Us

Clinical trials are hard. We make it easy.

Our Mission

To increase awareness and access to clinical trials by developing straightforward, cost-effective models for healthcare systems and physicians.

Innovative Beginnings-min

Why we're here

“I began my research career at a university and eventually moved to a hospital. All along the way it became clear to me that the clinical trial process was broken and heaped unnecessary burden on physicians. It also excluded community physicians.

I set out to create a model that reduced physician overload while bringing more physicians to the table. Now more than ever we need more doctors participating in clinical trials and it needs to be as simple as possible so that they can continue to do what they love: treat their patients.”

How It Works

We make clinical trials more accessible by enabling physicians to offer clinical trials in their practice and communities. Offering clinical trials can be confusing, costly, and time-consuming…


We handle everything from study startup to study closeout with no cost to the physician or health system. Study revenue is split between Hightower Clinical and our providers. We provide any research-specific equipment and manage every detail of the clinical trial process.

Patients have access to clinical trials through their trusted doctors,  physicians generate a new revenue stream for their practice and new treatments are brought to market through quality research.


Our Services

Training and Onboarding

We work closely with our partners to ensure they are properly trained to execute clinical trials in accordance with institutional, state and federal guidelines.

Study ID, Feasibility, and Selection

We leverage our industry connections to find trials that are appropiate for your interests and capabilities. We will acquire studies, complete feasibility questionnaires, and minimize the site selection process.

Startup Process Management

We manage all startup and regulatory paperwork including IRB submission. We utilize central IRBs and our average startup time is 37 days.

Budget, Contracts and invoicing

We quickly, efficiently and aggressively negotiate budgets and contracts with study sponsors, manage all study payments and invoicing and provide same-day stipends to study patients.

Embedded Study Staff

We provide study coordinators to engage study patients, conduct patient visits and complete data entry. Our coordinators help manage studies from beginning to end and are there to support you and minimize the burden of study participation.

Patient Prescreening

We utilize both manual and automated processes to identify potential study patients from your practice. In addition, we engage the surrounding community and utilize various advertising options.

Physician Referral Networks

We actively engage physician referral networks to drive awareness and enrollment. We provide meaningful education to providers regarding active clinical trials and how their patients can be involved.

Community Outreach

We believe being active members of the community is important. We regularly attend health fairs, speak with support groups, and sponsor events to raise awareness about clinical trials.

Advertising and Recruitment

We supply advertising in variety of ways depending on speciality, trial and patient population.


We strategically partner with tech companies and clinical support companies to maximize every component of what we do.

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Find a Trial

Browse our ongoing trials to see if one aligns with your health condition and interests.

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Check Eligibility

Learn more about the specific requirements and answer a short questionnaire to see if you pre-qualify.

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Schedule a Consultation

Our dedicated team will discuss the trial details, answer your questions, and determine if you're a good fit.