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Infant Research Study in Oklahoma City, OK

Infant care clinical trials, where your involvement will contribute to better health outcomes.

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Babies Need Iron to Grow

Explore iron-fortified infant formula clinical trials enrolling healthy infants!

Infant development, encompassing physical, cognitive, social, and emotional growth during the first few years of life, is a critical period with profound implications for a child’s future well-being and success. Rapid brain development during this time lays the foundation for learning, memory, and cognitive abilities, emphasizing the importance of stimulating environments and responsive caregiving. Motor skills, language acquisition, and social-emotional development are significant milestones achieved during infancy, shaping interactions, relationships, and self-regulation abilities.

Hightower Clinical is conducting an infant research study of healthy term infants fed iron-fortified infant formula to evaluate the growth of infants over a period of 16 weeks.

*Participation in the Clinical Trial is completely free of cost and is your choice.

*To participate, fill out the form, and someone from our research staff will call you to determine your eligibility for the Clinical Research Study.

About Infants Research Study

Our site in Oklahoma City will host an infant research study. Healthy infants will participate. All study-related care will be free to participants.

Volunteers who meet these criteria may need to visit the site to undergo screening and enroll in the study. Participants or their legal guardians must sign an Informed Consent form during the screening process. This process involves the study doctor providing detailed explanations of all study requirements and the duration of participation. For participants under the age of 18, it is essential that parents or guardians fully comprehend the study requirements and treatment. They are encouraged to address any queries they have with the study doctor before signing the Informed Consent form.

*All study procedures and study-related treatment, including the investigational drug, are free of cost, and insurance is not required to participate.

*The study doctor will take you through every step of the Clinical Trial before you decide to participate and will answer any questions you have about the study treatment.

Infant Care Study: What to Expect?

A research team member will contact volunteers who meet the chronic pain clinical trial qualifications via phone. If deemed eligible, they will be invited to the site to undergo further screening. During this process, the research staff will inquire about your medical history and current health status. Rest assured, all personal information shared will be kept confidential and will not be disclosed to any external parties in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

Should you choose to enroll in the research study, the doctors and nurses will thoroughly explain the potential risks and benefits of the study. We encourage all interested volunteers to ask any questions they may have. You should sign the Informed Consent Form only after receiving satisfactory answers. If you opt to participate, you will be expected to attend all scheduled study visits and remain available for any additional unscheduled visits recommended by your study doctor.

*Study-related care is offered at no charge. Expert physicians and healthcare professionals conduct thorough physical exams and assessments.*


1 Day to 14 Days (Child)


Male & Female


Infant Development

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Infant Development

The first year of life is a whirlwind of change and growth. In the first few months, an infant’s physical development focuses on refining basic reflexes and gaining control over their body, making Iron a crucial mineral that is vital in various aspects of infant development.

  • Adequate iron levels ensure proper oxygen delivery to all organs and tissues, including the rapidly developing brain.
  • It forms myelin, a fatty sheath that surrounds nerve fibers and enables efficient nerve impulse transmission.
  • Iron is also necessary for muscle development and function.
  • Iron plays a role in the proper functioning of the immune system, which helps fight infections and illnesses.

Therefore, caregivers can help their infants reach their full potential by ensuring adequate iron intake through breast milk, iron-fortified foods, and a balanced diet.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does iron contribute to infant development?

Iron is essential for infants’ cognitive development, immune function, and overall growth. It plays a crucial role in developing the brain and nervous system and supports learning, memory, and attention.

What are the signs of iron deficiency in infants?

Signs of iron deficiency in infants may include pale skin, fatigue, irritability, slow growth, poor appetite, and developmental delays. If you suspect iron deficiency, consult your pediatrician for evaluation and guidance.

What are clinical trials on iron-fortified milk, and how do they benefit infants?

Clinical trials on iron-fortified milk involve evaluating the effectiveness and safety of milk fortified with iron in improving iron status and overall health in infants. These trials help assess the impact of iron-fortified milk on reducing the risk of iron deficiency anemia and supporting healthy growth and development in infants.