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For Sponsors/CROs

Our centralized approach means we can move quickly without sacrificing quality.

Growing Footprint

We have partnerships and locations across the Oklahoma City metro area. Our footprint is growing, with recent partner additions in Houston, TX, and Pine Bluff, AR.

Our network of P.I. partners and geographic locations means we can take on most protocols with confidence!

Diversity in research means better representative data, medical advancements for specific groups of people, and restored trust for those who have been historically marginalized. Hightower Clinical has partnered with a diverse network of physicians to offer clinical trials to their patients and communities. If we want more diversity in research, we must partner with the physicians they trust.

About Clinical Studies Near You

We have principal investigator partners in almost every therapeutic area, and we continue to expand. When studies are brought to us, we analyze P.I interest, access to patient populations, and our ability to enroll successfully. Since we have multiple partners in therapeutic areas, we can be versatile. If one study is not a good fit for one practice, it may be perfect for another!

We pride ourselves in our ability to adapt to challenges. Whether its refining our internal processes for quicker startup times or uncovering pathways to enrollment, we are versatile and innovative.

Our Current Sponsor Partnerships