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Cluster Headaches

Look into Hightower’s studies that have enhanced treatments for cluster headaches, providing relief for patients with this condition.


Research Study & Trial for Cluster Headaches

Cluster headaches are often referred to as “suicide headaches” due to their excruciating intensity. These debilitating attacks can cause burning, piercing pain around one eye, accompanied by restlessness and autonomic symptoms. While treatment options exist, they often provide limited relief.

Hightower conducted clinical trials for cluster headaches, evaluating the efficacy of investigational drugs in participants with episodic Cluster Headache (eCH)

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do cluster headache clinical trials contribute to cluster headache research and treatment?

Clinical trials for Cluster headaches are crucial in advancing our understanding of the mechanisms, triggers, and potential treatment options of cluster headaches.

What are cluster headaches clinical trials?

Cluster headache clinical trials are research studies conducted by our professional physicians, designed to investigate new treatments, therapies, or interventions for individuals with cluster headaches.

How long do cluster headaches clinical trials typically last?

The duration of cluster headaches clinical trials can vary depending on the specific objectives and design of the study. Some trials may involve a relatively short duration, such as a few weeks or months, to assess the acute efficacy of a treatment for cluster headache attacks. Other trials may have a longer duration, spanning several months or years.