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Paid Research Studies

Explore Paid Research Studies Near You in Oklahoma City, OK, and find the one you need.

Experienced Leadership, Compassionate Care-min

Experienced Leadership, Compassionate Care

Our scientific leadership team comprises tenured MDs, including Principal and Sub Investigators. They oversee all aspects of clinical trial recruitment in Oklahoma City, OK, from operation to patient care and scientific integrity. Furthermore, our internal team of experts with extensive clinical testing experience actively cares for patients throughout the research process. Your safety and well-being are our top priority.

Our Priorities & Values

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Patient First

Our top priority is always the patient. We prioritize their well-being, comfort, and safety throughout every stage of the clinical trial process, ensuring their needs are met.

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Quality is paramount in all aspects of our work. With rigorous protocols and meticulous data analysis, we uphold excellence, ensuring reliable clinical trial outcomes.

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We strive to create an inclusive Clinical Research Center in Oklahoma City, OK. we provide equal opportunities for diverse populations to contribute to medical progress.

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We simplify clinical trials for patients and providers through streamlined processes, reduced paperwork, and user-friendly technologies.

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Opportunities to Make a Difference


Clinical studies can help you maintain a healthy heart and offer potential cardiovascular treatments.


Explore clinical trials for various skin concerns, promoting healthy and radiant skin.


Gastric issues are prevalent in the USA, discover clinical studies to help with your condition.


Cancer is a life-threatening condition; clinical trials can help you find potential treatments for this life-threatening disease.


Find relief from joint discomfort through progressive research at Hightower clinical research.

Pain Management

Discover effective strategies for alleviating chronic pain through Hightower's clinical research.


Explore novel methods for infant development with Hightower's advanced clinical investigations.


Asthma affects over 25 million Americans according to CDC. Explore our asthma clinical trials.


Are you suffering from chronic joint pain? Consider our rheumatology clinical trials for potential treatment.