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For Physicians

Offering clinical trials in your practice can be complicated, costly and a pain. We want to shoulder that burden.

Bringing Clinical Trial Support to Community Physicians

Hightower Clinical provides full-scope support to physicians who want to get involved in clinical trials. Do you want to have a hand in cutting-edge innovations? Do you want additional sources of revenue? Do you miss the research from your residency? Do you want more options for your patients? Or do you simply want to help medicine advance? Whatever your reasons, we want to make it possible for you to do just that.

Our Services

Training and Onboarding

We work closely with our partners to ensure they are properly trained to execute clinical trials in accordance with institutional, state and federal guidelines.

Study ID, Feasibility, and Selection

We leverage our industry connections to find trials that are appropiate for your interests and capabilities. We will acquire studies, complete feasibility questionnaires, and minimize the site selection process.

Startup Process Management

We manage all startup and regulatory paperwork including IRB submission. We utilize central IRBs and our average startup time is 37 days.

Budget, Contracts and invoicing

We quickly, efficiently and aggressively negotiate budgets and contracts with study sponsors, manage all study payments and invoicing and provide same-day stipends to study patients.

Embedded Study Staff

We provide study coordinators to engage study patients, conduct patient visits and complete data entry. Our coordinators help manage studies from beginning to end and are there to support you and minimize the burden of study participation.

Patient Prescreening

We utilize both manual and automated processes to identify potential study patients from your practice. In addition, we engage the surrounding community and utilize various advertising options.

Physician Referral Networks

We actively engage physician referral networks to drive awareness and enrollment. We provide meaningful education to providers regarding active clinical trials and how their patients can be involved.

Community Outreach

We believe being active members of the community is important. We regularly attend health fairs, speak with support groups, and sponsor events to raise awareness about clinical trials.

Advertising and Recruitment

We supply advertising in variety of ways depending on speciality, trial and patient population.


We strategically partner with tech companies and clinical support companies to maximize every component of what we do.

Your Role

Hightower Clinical shoulders as much of the burden as we can, allowing our physicians to focus on their clinical responsibilities. As a principal investigator, you will have oversight in all that is done and documented. The patient is fully under your care and responsibility to ensure safety and protocol adherence.

We have extensive experience across multiple study designs and therapeutic areas. We will help you every step of the way.

Our Current Sponsor Partnerships